the proponents of this mens rights movement called gender ideology have built themselves a bubble in the media via style guides that are some form of the transgender style guide.


these contain rules that effectively ban anything from publication that doesnt support gender ideology fiction. this is the main reason liberals are brainwashed. their own media has a ban on reality and they dont read or trust conservative media. the key to gender ideology success is this information black out resulting in lack of awareness. in this environment the gender biz has published many deceptive news articles with misleading headlines pertaining to gender care and gender ideology using phrases such as "trans youth" and making wild claims based on fraud studys based on meaningless online polls and the like. looking at this guide the first thing it says to do is hire transgender employees. this is fine with me. but the result has been in effect an army of activists who have veto power over whats published. as a result of musk buying twitter, we now know the people who were moderators at twitter were really just activists who banned anyone who was critical of this fraud.

so this makes it difficult to get through the media curtain with critical viewpoints. there is the illusion of consensus in the media when in reality most people dont support these harmful policies. but also most are still unaware and think the whole thing is a "gay" issue so they defer to the activists.

gays against groomers has some opportunities to counter these narratives. keep up the good work. raising awareness is the key and every little bit helps

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The laws are needed , and many gay people agree with them. Those laws are definitely written to protect children and women as well. Sadly the blue states are still not doing anything for children or women. If this means less votes for Democrats, then they have brought it in themselves!

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It’s such a tiny minority that is trying to take over everything. The hallmark of an authoritarian cult.

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