I was branded with the term "tomboy," and I hated it. I always told people who used it that my name wasn't Tom and I wasn't a boy.

I was just a mildly gender-nonconforming girl who liked running around and climbing trees. When I did wear dresses, I wore shorts under them so I could run and play.

If I were growing up these days, I'm sure I would have been convinced by "well meaning" adults that I was trans or at least "nonbinary."

I never thought I'd see the day when I'd think that "tomboy" wasn't so bad. At least it's just an annoying label and not cross-sex hormones or surgery that I'd later regret.

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New Dutch study just came out showing the whopping majority of transitioning youth match homosexual profiles of developing gay children. Every tomboy stuck with too-online Pinterest parents is destined to be express-laned into a gender clinic.


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